Our Staff members, Principals, Administrative Assistants, Teachers, and Educational Assistants attended Capturing Kids' Hearts in person (CKH1) and virtual (CKH2 Recharge) sessions on January 4-5.  We had great trainers, Kenny Joyner and O'Neil Arrington, share their knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and tools to create school cultures rich in supportive and positive relationships.  

 Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a school improvement initiative we are continuing to utilize district-wide to address several of our TCMSD STRATEGIC GOALS FOR 2021-2024 –  

#1. To aid students’ social emotional wellness and mental health needs focusing on supportive relationships.  

#3. To accelerate academic achievement in literacy and numeracy for all students. (Improving Socio-Emotional wellness so that students can learn!) 

#4. To establish and maintain with the highest of expectations, a culture of care, support, and citizenship. 

 Some of the skills we learned, and review are: 

  • To use EXCEL (not minimal or average) greetings and tone of voice for students at the classroom doors every day! 
  • To use EXCEL Leadership (not minimal or average) in all things we do.  
  • To use and improve Social Contracts. We learned some new things are recommended to be added to the Social Contract: Effort, Listening, No Put Downs. The new semester may a good time to revisit the Social Contract to start fresh! Our goal is to have Social Contracts displayed in every classroom and in offices.  
  • Teach and use both sets of Four Questions (plus 1) consistently to maintain the boundaries while preserving the relationship. 
  • More... 

We want to reduce social anxiety and improve SEL so students can learn-All learning begins in the Heart! ❤️


Thanks again to our staff for their professionalism, dedication, and compassion for our students. We have overcome many obstacles, yet we are resilient. We will work every day to bring our students and each other our best EXCEL (not minimal or average) and the best education! Thank you, Dr. Garcia