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 TITLE OF JOB: Superintendent

 QUALIFICATIONS:  New Mexico Administrative License. Experience in Teaching and School Administration

 REPORTS TO:  School Board

 JOB GOAL:  To provide leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services for the staff,   students and the community.


  • The Board shall employ a Superintendent of Schools who meets the requirements of the New Mexico Public Education Department.
  • The contract of the Superintendent shall be considered at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.  The Board shall set the salary.
  • The duties of the Superintendent shall include assuming charge of the school system as its chief executive officer, coordinating the work of all administrative staff members, executing the Board’s policies and recommending policies for the Board to consider in improving the system and its educational service to the students, teachers and community.
  • The Superintendent is responsible, subject to the Board of Education, for the business management of all the schools, maintenance of school facilities and equipment, coordination/supervision of transportation, administration and supervision of all instructional programs and the general welfare of students and teachers.
  • He/she shall keep himself informed by attending educational conferences and participating in professional and instructional workshops.  He shall keep the Board informed as to educational trends, progress of the instructional programs and the general condition of the school organization.
  • The Superintendent shall attend all meetings of the Board of Education.
  • The Superintendent shall perform, in addition to the above duties, such other duties as may be requested by the School Board.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board of Education’s policies.